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How Citrix and NVIDIA Are Building A New Future of Work

Every aspect of our lives and work has been transformed by technology. Businesses of all sizes all have an increasing number of devices and applications that play a crucial role in the success of their company. On the Citrix Ready podcast, we explore the future of work.

I speak with a member of the Citrix team and one of their partners to learn more about how they are working together to build a better future and more efficient workforce. On this episode, we bust a few myths and explore exactly what Citrix means to businesses. We also discuss the impacts that Citrix App and Desktop Virtualization is bringing to the digital landscape too.

We also learn more about NVIDIA, GPU, and vGPU in a language that everyone can understand. However, the most exciting aspect of today’s conversation is the blossoming relationship between NVIDIA and Citrix. We discuss how NVIDIA and Citrix perfectly complement each other and are working together to help businesses overcome real-world challenges.

Roberto Moreno, Principal Product Manager for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops joins Konstantin Cvetanov, Sr. Solution Architect at NVIDIA to discuss the following:

  • The market trends driving migrations to Windows 10
  • Considerations that customers should keep in mind when moving to Windows 10
  • How Citrix technology helps deliver the same user experience on a Windows virtual desktop, over the network, as a physical Windows device
  • The NVIDIA’s Windows 10 MAP program
  • What customers learn more about Citrix, NVIDIA and the value of vGPU for Windows 10.

About Roberto

Roberto is a Principal Product Manager for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, based out of Florida. Previously a field consultant with 8 years of experience working on large and complex Citrix deployments in many countries and across different business verticals. He is also a distinguished speaker and has presented insightful sessions at Synergy events, as well as a Citrix Certified Instructor.

About Konstantin

Konstantin Cvetanov is a Sr. Solution Architect at NVIDIA. He specializes in GPU Virtualization and is squarely focused on increasing adoption and implementation of NVIDIA vGPU solutions among strategic customers.

Konstantin is an avid speaker has been presenting to audiences on a range of topics and working with members of the community to increase participation and leadership among peers.

In addition to well-known IT events, Konstantin regularly delivers training to engineering audiences from NVIDIA channel partners helping them acquire the expertise necessary to implement NVIDIA solutions in the field.



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