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958: Aries Wang, Co-Founder of Bibox Interview

On today’s tech podcast, Aries Wang, Co-Founder of Bibox sits down with me to talk about the digital asset exchange based on AI technology.

The top ten cryptocurrency exchange platform, Bibox, has officially launched in Europe with fiat-to-crypto currency trading of the Euro (EUR) with Bitcoin and Ethereum now open. But I wanted to dig a little bit deeper and learn more about the story behind the launch.

Looming economic uncertainty means that European citizens are increasingly looking for alternative investment opportunities and BiboxEurope appears to be meeting this challenge by offering access to new economic possibilities for retail and institutional investors looking to build their own digital asset portfolio.

Aries discusses why Europe’s concise regulatory and legal framework for cryptocurrencies makes it a hotbed of development. We also discuss how the future of cryptocurrency trading and A.I will become inextricably linked as well as his experience as a partner for Blockwater Capital, a leading digital asset fund.

About Aries Wang

A serial crypto entrepreneur and seasoned investor in Blockchain, Aries (Wanlin) Wang is always on a fast-paced upswing. Within a year of co-founding Bibox digital asset exchange, Wang has led the team to bring the exchange to a top ten position on CoinMarketCap and the exchange now has become a staple of the crypto world.

In ten months, Bibox reached a stable daily trading volume of about US$200 million. With its delicate selection of tokens, the current valuation of the company is at an astounding US$50 million.

While developing Bibox exchange, Wang joined BlockWater Capital and went on investing in top-tier projects. BlockWater Capital is one of the largest blockchain funds in South Korea and Aries Wang is the only partner from outside of South Korea.

With the strong belief that the current disruption of crypto-economics and blockchain is only the beginning, BlockWater Capital developed a diversified high-quality portfolio, and was an early investor in Fusion ( and Fantom (

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