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957: How ReliaQuest’s GreyMatter Unifies Disparate Technologies

Every year Forrester puts out a report with top recommendations for cybersecurity leaders. This year, Forrester listed the most persistent problems for CISOs, and introduced “vendor sprawl.” The number of security solutions within enterprises — which operate in silos, unable to integrate or communicate with each other — is undermining companies’ security posture, and are exacerbating staffing gaps/skills shortages.

However, there’s a bottom-line impact to all of this. Companies are spending billions in cybersecurity annually, and security teams are getting slammed. For example, 32% of IT pros ignore alerts, unable to keep up with the resulting noise.

This is where ReliaQuest comes in. ReliaQuest recently announced GreyMatter, a first-of-its-kind platform that connects data from disparate cybersecurity tools to improve security operations, and allows customers to proactively identify and addresses threats to allow better response times.

ReliaQuest’s average customer has $10B in revenue — some of the largest global enterprises, who as a result of their partnership have improved threat detection by 4X in less than 90 days and reduced security system downtime by 98%.

The company has also helped decrease security spend by 35% due to more efficient defenses. I wanted to learn more about this progress and how ReliaQuest’s business has been booming with increased revenue of 451% in a three year period.

ReliaQuest Founder and CEO, Brian Murphy joins me on my daily tech podcast to talk about all this and how ReliaQuest has become the first national cybersecurity partner of 3DE, bringing cybersecurity awareness and education to high schools

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