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956: BingeWith: How to Add Audio to Your Blogs and Articles

Alex Eremia trained as a data analyst and has experience building eCommerce and web products. Alex also worked at Google Express, where she was part of the team to create the first Google eCommerce experience for the Google Home and helped reach positive order margins for some stores.

Most recently, she founded Bingewith to help everyday content writers match the prowess of Bloomberg by engaging their audience with insightful audio content.

BingeWith provides an audio player “play button” for any webpage – so users with dyslexia or those who prefer to digest content via voice can easily read content on a webpage, PDF, eBook or online article. Using intelligent technology – the player can locate which content on a page is relevant and read it in a variety of tones and speeds.

Back in 2016, I had an idea to bring a human voice to my column at INC magazine by embedding a podcast interview with the startup I was writing about at the bottom of the article. The idea was that visitors could learn from startup stories and then hear the human voices behind it afterward.

However, INC decided it wasn’t for them and wondered if I could focus on listicles such as “5 ways to be a better entrepreneur,” so we went our separate ways. For these reasons alone, I was incredibly excited to hear more about how Alex is transforming written articles into audio content and how everyone can listen to the internet with BingeWith.

Alex Eremiajoins me on my daily tech podcast and shares her startup story that has taken her from being a Google analyst to voice tech innovator launching BingeWith. We also explore her experiences with voice tech and artificial intelligence.

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