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954: Development To Market with “devToM” Augmented Intelligence

devToM is a cloud-based, AI-powered SaaS-solution for product development designed for maker’s, product owner, product managers and entrepreneurs in a DIY package. devToM generates unique insights to augment product development to the market journey of a new product idea/ product improvement concept. 

While many companies employ entire departments devoted to product development, Venkat and Raj from devTom saw the need for a software solution that allows inventors, entrepreneurs and businesses to launch new products quickly and at a minimal cost.

The cloud-based software includes insights, tips and resources that guide a user and optimizes the quality of each stage of the development cycle. devToM’s proprietary AI modules provide additional support, gathering data on your product and processes, which speeds the process and optimizes your ability to have a successful launch.

I invited Venkat and Raj onto the show to share the story behind devTom learn more about their journey.

Venkat has spent the last two decades creating and getting successful products to the market. He has held leadership roles in engineering and technology in Automotive and consumer product industries.

Raj is a technology entrepreneur who has worked on the product development teams of Nokia, Microsoft and built several new products as an electronics engineer and launched them as product owner/ manager that has won several product innovation awards. Raj mentors young entrepreneurs in the UK in his free time.

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