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953: ZenGo The World’s First Keyless Crypto Wallet

KZen is the company behind ZenGo, a mobile app that enables users to simplify how they secure their crypto. With conversations increasingly focussing on how to increase adoption of blockchain and crypto, I was intrigued by how ZenGo is approaching the problem of crypto wallets being too complicated or insecure for mainstream users.

The team at ZenGo believe that one day, all physical and digital assets will be represented on a blockchain. After failing to find a suitable solution, they decided to make the crypto economy more accessible to everyone and build one themselves.

The “keyless wallet” is a radically new approach to crypto asset management that requires no passwords, no specialized hardware, and no complicated backup schemes. In addition to the convenience, they have completely removed the single point of failure that plagues the industry today.

After reading how ZenGo now supports the Libra testnet, I wanted to find out more about how users can send and receive Facebook’s new cryptocurrency, Libra. Although the testnet funds don’t hold any real value and are only for testing purposes, it’s where we are heading that excites me.

Co-founder and CEO Ouriel Ohayon joins me on my podcast to share how they are providing increased security and a great customer experience too.

We also discuss how they hope that ZenGo will make it easier for everyone to participate in the crypto economy. Maybe even unlock new areas of innovation, and lead to more financial freedom for people around the world.

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