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946: Jyve – The First Skills-as-a-Service Platform

Anu Gupta has spent more than 20 years cutting her teeth in the worlds of retail, technology and private equity organizations. Currently, Anu serves as COO of Jyve, the leading platform for in-store flexible and skilled labor.

Jyve is a technology company that’s redefining how, when, and where we work. Jyve’s Skills-as-a-Service platform and on-demand talent marketplace matches enterprise businesses like large brands and retailers with certified workers (aka “Jyvers”) to execute in-store jobs.

Jyvers accomplish a variety of tasks, including auditing, brand ambassadorship, display building, e-fulfillment shopping, merchandising, ordering, and stocking. Jyvers choose their own hours and get paid by the job, enabling flexibility and acceleration in their professional growth.

The future of work will be about connecting needs to skills, and making those connections will require a platform for a Skill Economy workforce. Jyve is that platform.

Anu joins me on the podcast to discuss how Jyve’s technology helps enable retailers to expand their labor capacity while minimizing costs, mitigating the impact of turnover rates and making it easier for in-store employees to succeed. 

Throughout her career, she learned first hand of the massive pain-point impacting the retail industry: $252.5 billion is lost annually due to a lack of access to labor that is skilled and certified to effectively and quickly meet in-store execution and needs.

Led by Anu’s deep experience in retail, technology and problem-solving, Jyve is solving this pain-point for retailers by creating a first-of-its-kind Skills-as-a-Service Platform. Jyve’s platform uses machine learning to intelligently match businesses’ in-store execution needs with the right skilled labor – Jyvers – to the needs of the retailer, at the right time.

This also improves work for Jyvers, allowing them to grow in their careers and new challenges in different workplaces. Payment by task, not by the hour, allows Jyvers to know how much they will make each day and can make more if they can complete jobs more efficiently. Jyvers also received unprecedented autonomy of their schedules, unlike traditional gig workers. 

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