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945: Meet Silo, The Browser For A Zero Trust Web By Authentic8

Cybersecurity is a $100 billion industry. If feels like our newsfeeds are bombarded with stories about breaches on an almost hourly basis. We are becoming increasingly aware of the costs around phishing schemes, and data breaches. Most recently, Baltimore racked up a nearly $18 million tab recovering from a ransomware attack that shut down numerous city departments.

While the market is crowded with hundreds of solutions to prevent an attack, there is one risk that many people overlook. There is increasing evidence that the traditional web browser should be at the top of the risk list.

When it comes to browsers, few—if any—companies take the time to thoroughly scrutinize or vet their options and many default to whatever is pre-installed on their device. The browser is critical for many aspects of a business. Most companies today rely on a “free” version vulnerable to threat actors, making it the most expensive software they have.

Authentic8 founder Scott Petry, a 20+ year Silicon Valley veteran and joins me on my tech podcast to highlight the dangers the humble web browser. I learn why the web browser is an aberration in the IT software stack and explore the real cost of this seemingly “free” tool?

We also talk about the lessons he learned from founding Postini, which was an e-mail, Web security, and archiving service, which has been owned by Google since 2007. In addition to sharing his recipe for success for launching security startups, Scott also sheds light on why 30 years after the birth of the World Wide Web, organizations are still relying on this outdated tool. 

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