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944: The Web Data Integration Bringing The World’s Data to Your Business

Today, trying to access and integrate web data into computer systems is done using legacy web scraping tools and techniques. These legacy approaches leave organizations with incomplete, poor quality, unreliable and out-of-date data, resulting in high costs, and unacceptable business risks.

To successfully leverage web data and gain competitive advantage, organizations need a Web Data Integration solution. With a complete and enterprise-ready Web Data Integration solution, businesses can extract, prepare, and integrate all of the relevant data on the web that they need to boost their business and create competitive advantage.

I wanted to learn more about how’s Web Data Integration solutions are bringing the world’s data to business applications, analytics platforms, data warehouses, and AI systems. I also wanted to explore how this can drive insights and a competitive advantage for organizations.

Gary Read, CEO at joins me on my daily tech podcast. Is it possible to realize maximum business advantage from web data while minimizing business risk? I learn how Web Data Integration solutions must be highly scalable, cost-effective, fast to implement and easy to use and they must reliably deliver high quality, ready to consume data.

Gary prides himself on helping an incredible team of people to build a truly transformative company by enabling an easy way to create structured data from anything that is on the web. Previously founder & CEO at Nimsoft and CEO at Boundary.

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