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940: Meet Zilliqa (ZIL) The First Public Sharding Blockchain

Zilliqa is the world’s first high-throughput public blockchain platform designed to scale to thousands of transactions per second. It brings the theory of sharding to practice with its novel protocol that increases transaction rates as its network expands.

The platform is tailored towards enabling secure data-driven decentralized apps, designed to meet the scaling requirements of machine learning and financial algorithms. Zilliqa has been under research and development for two years. It has powered several ground-breaking deployments commercially to date.

On this daily tech podcast, I understand that we will have people listening both in and outside of blockchain space. As we focus less on price volatility and more on increasing education and mainstream adoption of blockchain, I invited Amrit Kumar, co-founder at Zillqa onto my podcast.

I wanted to learn more about exactly what “Sharding” is and also the release of the Zilliqa mainnet earlier this year. All in a language that everyone can understand.

Amrit Kumar is the Co-Founder and is the Head of Research for Zilliqa. We explore what the future has in store for Zilliqa. We also discuss life inside the blockchain industry and the challenges that they encounter along the way.

Amrit holds a Ph.D. from Universit√© Grenoble-Alpes, France and was hosted at Inria’s Grenoble center. Prior to his Ph.D., he obtained an Engineer’s diploma from Ecole Polytechnique, France, where he studied Computer Science and Mathematics. His research interests broadly span security, privacy, and applied cryptography.

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