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938: The Tech Uniting Communities and Expanding Local Businesses

The internet has given us opportunities to connect with one another like never before. Yet, most sites we use today have barely tapped that potential. Gregory Magarshak believes in the power of well-designed tools to improve people’s lives and bring about positive social change.

Gregory Magarshak, creator of Groups (iPhone) and Calendar (Mac), joins me on today’s tech podcast to talk about his road to success that included reaching 7 million downloads. I also find out more details about Qbix and how they have developed a platform that brings together communities, people, and social app developers.

Qbix builds apps for all kinds of communities, helping them accomplish things together while retaining control over their own data. Essentially it combines functionalities of the top online community applications like Facebook, Meetup, Slack, and more on a decentralized server.

They also protect personal data from third parties and allows online communities the freedom they need to own their brands and grow their networks. As the platform is currently the framework for an app for presidential candidate Andrew Yang, we also talk about the role of technology in politics.

I learn how Qbix is useful for special interest groups, universities, or anything that doesn’t want the risk of centralized platforms selling their data and compromising privacy. We discuss a wide range of topics, including the importance of local networks, decentralization, data privacy, freedom of speech, social, and networks.


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