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937: MarTech – The Rise of Marketing AutomationTools

Robin Alex is an expert in marketing, IT software tools and is the founder of Innovate Fast. He also has over 20 years of experience in the technology and marketing industry.

I invited him onto my podcast to discuss how automation is changing, what automation tools are useful for businesses to use, and how and when to use these tools. 

We also discuss how Robin has seen technology transform marketing in his career and how marketing automation continues to evolve. I also ask what conversations he is having with clients and try to learn more about trends around business challenges and how technology is fixing them.

About Innovate Fast.

Innovate Fast is a full-service marketing agency based in Dallas, TX.  Their process is designed to convert visitors into long-term fanatics, to create & rebuild connections with customers, and to make things seamless & successful.

Innovate Fast also prides itself on its strategic approach that is specifically tailored to its customers. Smart marketing efforts provide their clients with g ROI because they believe that tactics without strategy are useless. They also ensure that they send the right signals which are most relevant to your business. They also use marketing strategies that allow you to build a stronger customer base and enabling enterprises to grow organically.

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