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929: Corentin Denoeud, CEO and Co-founder of Blockchain Studio

Corentin Denoeud, CEO and Co-founder of Blockchain Studio is on a mission to increase and facilitate blockchain usage while accelerating and securing the implementation of decentralized applications for businesses. But I wanted to find out more about his journey and what inspired him to make a difference by leveraging emerging technology.

As a serial entrepreneur, Corentin co-founded Wijet, the largest taxi jet airline in Europe, where he served as CEO for 10 years before moving into the world of blockchain. 

Founded in 2018, Blockchain Studio’s first application software suite Rockside connects enterprises to blockchain and enables developers to navigate the transition to blockchain infrastructure — from building to monitoring applications for production in a scalable and secure manner. 

Corentin Denoeud joins me on my tech podcast to talk about all this and much more. I also learn more about how Blockchain Studio is a creative software studio which strives to increase the knowledge on blockchain, to facilitate the usage of this technology and to accelerate the implementation of DApps for businesses.


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