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928: How Talespin is Bringing VR, AR and MR to the Future of Work

Talespin creates transformative XR (virtual, augmented, and mixed reality) business solutions. Founded in 2015, the company leverages its proprietary XR technology platform to create virtual reality learning and training applications, support workforces with augmented reality field tools, and improve workforce intelligence with mixed reality.

With offices in Los Angeles, California and Utrecht, The Netherlands, Talespin is changing the way organizations and employees around the world experience work. Talespin combines expertise in immersive technology development, learning design and user experience, and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable enterprises to build a more collaborative, inclusive, and productive future of work.

What is their vision for the future? In the future of work, we will be better humans. With higher EQ and empathy; informed cultural sensitivity and enhanced capabilities to communicate, learn and lead. Our capacity to share knowledge across language and cultural barriers will be accelerated with artificial intelligence and mixed reality visualization.

In one lifetime we will master more than we ever imagined as virtual reality enables us to reach the “10,000 hours” of human experience needed to master a skill. Together, with technology that unifies rather than isolates, the workforce of the future will be collaborative, inclusive, and productive by design.

Kyle Jackson, Chief Executive Officer at Talespin joins me on my daily tech podcast to talk about the role that virtual, augmented, and mixed reality will play in the future of work. We also talk about how he is busy disrupting the future of work through a radical change in enterprise tools.

Kylie explains how immersive (VR, AR, MR) applications will change the way we engage, educate, and empower the next generation of the workforce. I also learn how behind it all is the Talespin spatial intelligence management platform. A cross-application, foundational, and multi-purpose data and user management layer to connect the immersive roadmap to enterprise ROI.


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