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927: XStream Trucking – The Technology Behind TruckWings

XStream Trucking, a design and engineering company focused on connected hardware for the commercial vehicle industry that recently announced a Series A Funding.

“Fuel is often the largest cost for commercial trucking fleets and our products can help large fleets save millions each year,” said Daniel Burrows, CEO of XStream Trucking. “XStream Trucking’s proprietary technology and state of the art processes addresses a previously neglected area of truck aerodynamics, and we are thrilled to have the support of Autotech Ventures and Calibrate Ventures.

However, I wanted to explore the story behind XStream too. Established in 2014, XStream Trucking supplies active aerodynamics to the long-haul trucking industry. Its flagship technology, TruckWings™, automatically closes the tractor-trailer gap, reducing a fleet’s fuel bill without requiring additional actions by the driver or any trailer modifications.

Founded out of Stanford University, XStream Trucking has won awards in several DOE competitions including National CleanTech Awards and CalTech’s FLoW competition. TruckWings are currently deployed within carrier fleets that average more than one million miles per week. 

Since launching the first road units in October 2016, XStream Trucking has seen tremendous adoption with fleets covering more than 1 million miles per week.

With current fuel prices at an average of $3.14 per gallon, and with a median heavy-duty fleet fuel economy of 7.5 miles per gallon, a truck driving an average of 120,000 miles per year has a potential annual fuel savings of more than $2,000 when factoring in a conservative 4% efficiency increase.

TruckWings technology has been tested in the wind tunnel, on the track, and in real-world over-the-road conditions. The greatest fuel savings has been proven in over-the-road tests where real-world cross-winds are taken into account, producing fuel savings beyond 5% on average.

CEO Daniel Burrows joins me on my podcast to talk about how technology is transforming the shipping and logistics topics industry. Topics include Aerodynamics and fuel savings. We also discuss how XStream’s technology is influencing the future of logistics and reduces carbon footprint.


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