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919: CloudShare Virtual IT Labs Solutions

CloudShare enables on-premise apps and solutions to use the cloud unchanged. Providing an intuitive user experience and creating turnkey solutions to support software companies’ business life cycle from R&D to training, sales enablement, and support.

However, today’s B2B buyers are different. In overcrowded marketplaces, organizations must boost sales funnel efficiencies and drive higher conversion rates to ensure they won’t lose a customer to the competition. I wanted to explore how businesses are adapting to these changes.

CloudShare also recently announced the availability of their sales enablement solution. But I wanted to learn more about how it will reduce sales friction, illuminate buyer journeys, and empower teams with advanced analytics.

After these announcements and the news that CloudShare had extended its Virtual IT Labs Solutions to the Google Cloud Platform. I thought it was time to catch up with their team. On today’s tech podcast, I speak with CloudShare’s VP of product, Michal Frenkel. Her mission is to translate CloudShare’s vision into reality. Michal brings to CloudShare many years’ experience in product and project management along with extensive experience as a software developer. Michal holds an MSc in Computer Science from Bar-Ilan University.

During this episode, we discuss how organizations can:

  • Better manage the sales funnel and align internal teams.
  • Onboard prospects and a roadmap of a successful customer journey.
  • Showcase prospects and customers the value of your software

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