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906: Aerohive New Technological Advances Powered By AI and ML

Aerohive uses Cloud Management, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to radically simplify and secure the Access Network. Cloud-Managed Wireless, Switching, Routing, and Security technologies provide flexibility in deployment, management, and licensing.

Credited with pioneering Controller-less Wi-Fi and Cloud Management, Aerohive delivers continuous innovation at Cloud-speed that constantly challenges the industry norm, allowing customers to rethink what’s possible.

Its innovations and global cloud footprint radically simplify Access Network operation for 30,000+ customers and 10+ million daily users. The leader in cloud-managed networking recently unveiled two new innovations that further strengthen Aerohive’s cloud-managed networking vision.

Through extensive interviews with customers, partners and industry analysts, Aerohive has identified that the enterprise demands not just a fast network, but a F.A.S.T. future:

  • Flexibility in deployment, hardware, licensing, expansion, and upgrade options.
  • Actionable Insights driven by ML/AI to better understand and automatically characterize and optimize infrastructure and clients.
  • Security across the network, to protect against the rising tide of cyberattacks.
  • Technology Innovations that provide new features, functionality, comparative insights and hardware developed and delivered at Cloud-speed to meet ever-increasing demands placed on the infrastructure by an ever-increasing amount and diversity of clients connecting to the infrastructure.

“Our vision for the future of enterprise networking, and these new technologies we’re launching tackle those challenges head-on. Aerohive is giving the enterprise the flexibility, insights, security and advanced technology they need for their networks to successfully support their growing businesses today, and tomorrow.”

Mathew Edwards, Director of Product Marketing at Aerohive joins me on my tech podcast to tell me all about their journey and vision for the future.

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