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904: Solo Show – 4 Years Old, Podcast Sponsorship and Revamp

As we approach four years of the Tech Blog Writer Podcast and approaching one thousand episodes, I feel like shaking things up a little. But I want a little guidance from you my listeners on how the show will evolve and grow to ensure we keep going for another thousand episodes.

What kind of shows do you like best? Which guests have you enjoyed the most? Is there anyone you would like me to get back on? And what else would you like me to cover more of? And finally is it time for me to retire my old catchphrases? Any guidance you can offer will enable me to help build the show that you want.

Podcast Sponsorship

As a guy that listens to podcasts, it seems that nearly every show I listen to as the host reading ads for Fresh Books, or Zip Recruiter but I wanted to try and do somehting a little different.

As this show is all about learning how technology is transforming multiple industries and help businesses understand how they can leverage emerging technologies. I wanted to try and work with a featured partner that is a big name in tech and get them on once a month to talk about tech and maybe get a few of their customers online too.

After months of searching, I have carefully chosen Citrix Ready as the featured partner to work with on this show. What does this mean to you? Once a month I will be bringing on Citrix and a high profile customer to talk about the kind of work they are doing together and maybe bust a few myths too. I expect this partnership to bring even more big-name guests talking about real problems that are valuable to the listeners.

Finally, I hate to be that guy, but whatever device you listen to the podcast and whatever platform, would you mind leaving a quick rating or review? It should only take you a few seconds. The reason me and every podcast hosts asks that question is we are all battling algorithms that determine who will discover their podcast.

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