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900: How To Go From Idea To A Successful Tech Startup Business

Do you have an idea? A solution to a problem? But you don’t know how to grow your good idea into a great startup? We Are Nova take cofound, invest, mentor, and build tech businesses from idea stage to market.

How We Are Nova partner with talented people to conceive and scale digital business models that open new markets or disrupt existing ones. They have a seasoned team of over 200 professionals experienced in successful digital innovation.

I invited Andrew Dean onto my podcast to learn why many find it so hard to get a tech startup off the ground and how to find help before you have a team & a prototype. We also discuss how to validate a problem/idea, without building anything and why you don’t have to give up your job and put all your own cash in to achieve success.

Nova has developed a scalable methodology that increases the chances of investments succeeding, and we make active investments in seed stage opportunities. Consequently, 48.85% of our startups are succeeding.

Andrew is currently looking after Nova’s growth, picking the right organizations to partner with, and the right people to cofound tech startups.

Having worked for many large global brands such as Unilever, ASICS, and Lexus, to name just three. Andrew has experienced the internal and external workings of these brands across the globe and throughout Europe.

Andrew is also proudly a digital geek with a passion for new technologies, digital developments, and the way humans interact with the rapidly changing world.

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