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899: How Work Wallet Is Transforming Health & Safety

In a world of audits, compliance and health and safety. How do you unite office staff, remote workers and contractors together and ensure the entire workforce supply chain is safety compliant? The days of giving someone a video and form to sign on their induction day and then forget about it are long gone.

I recently discovered a company called Work Wallet that is solving this problem with technology and bringing the dream of a paperless office to life. Work Wallet is a mobile app and cloud-based system specifically designed to reduce risk and blind spots in a business, giving employers full transparency of their workforce supply chain.

Work Wallet’s “Mobile First” service, allows employers to provide their employees up to date, real-time information, enabling a stronger information sharing relationship between employer and employee, especially when managing employees working at off-site locations.

Work Wallet is transforming health & safety, but it also has an incredible startup story behind it too. I invited Jonathan Gray onto my podcast to learn more about his inspirational startup story that began after being made redundant.

Jonathan is also CEO of Greendog and Work Wallet and reveals his mission to transform businesses through app technology.

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