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896: Mikme – Bringing Studio-Grade Audio Recording to Smartphones

Have you ever noticed how the cameras on your smartphone get getter every year, but the audio to your videos is still incredibly poor? Mikme is introducing the world’s first fully wireless recording microphone that captures studio-grade audio at the push of one button. Standalone or via USB. Simply everywhere. The Mikme application completes the whole experience.

They built Mikme to enable musicians, filmmakers, journalists, podcasters, and vloggers to create content fast, in excellent quality and with mobile devicess.

The team listened to thousands of customers who purchased the original Mikme Microphone and the need for an invisible microphone solution for recording audio from their smartphone or camera videos. The result of the feedback is Mikme Pocket that also includes a lavalier, clip-on microphone.

These are just a few reasons why they made Mikme Pocket — specifically designed to deliver professional audio for your videos captured via smartphone or camera. It’s invisible, failsafe, and easy to use.

Philipp Sonnleitner, CEO & Founder and head visionary of Mikme joins me on my podcast to provide an update on the new Mikme Pocket. A dedicated musician and idea generator, Philipp has worked for AKG as a Product Manager in the professional and consumer audio business, leading several products development teams.

Mikme is based in Vienna/Austria. A team of passionate artists, designers and engineers with a proven track of designing, developing and manufacturing consumer and professional audio products. Team members have won over 200 design awards, holding 100+ patents and have worked with world famous brands such as JBL, AKG, Samsung, Audio and others.

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