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891: A Universal Trust Badge For The Gig and Sharing Economies

Proud and loving dog owner, Jenny had a shocking experience when the pet sitter she hired off Craigslist stole money and faked her own death. Realizing other people were having the same experiences (and worse!) when hiring dog walkers, babysitters, and handymen, or using home sharing and ride-sharing companies, she developed the idea for SafetyPIN Technologies.

After consulting with experts in technology and criminal behavior and profiling, she began to pull the pieces together. She then left her career of 20 years as a CEO for a health and wellness company to bring her idea to life.

I wanted to find out more about the story behind SafetyPIN Technologies and the new universal trust badge that’s been approved by the former White House security chief and forensic profilers. Jenny Thompson joins me on my daily tech podcast to share her startup story. We also talk about her mission to transform the security level of the sharing economy, which included a unique behavioral review that is proving to be unmatched.

Jenny Thompson is a mission-driven startup executive, author, and natural-born marketer who has documented success in building brands from scratch and driving measurable growth to benefit shareholders, employees, and customers alike.

Today, as Founder of SafetyPIN Technologies, Jenny has developed an innovative background check methodology that offers a universal trust badge for approved applicants, verifying peace of mind for the national sharing economy.

Prior to SafetyPIN, Jenny spent more than two decades supporting the Agora Companies, including her role as CEO of NewMarket Health. During that time, she grew the company from $2 million to $70 million, oversaw the migration of the company’s digital marketing transformation, and was responsible for 14 brands.

Jenny is also the noteworthy creator of the 3-Day Business Cleanse, a novel process that helps companies get “unstuck” using a review, eliminate, and rebuild philosophy.

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